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The SPACEMEN skiffle group, from Wanstead Warhawks aeromodellers club
(from left) Peter Oakman, now top pro bass player. Mick. Tony Oakman, the two brothers were with
Joe Brown and the Bruvers group. Dave Platt, master scale modeller, now in USA. Bert. Charles Thompson,
designer with Fords motors at Dagenham, recently on TV documentry about Fords. Expert aviation artist.
Mick with HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York.
(presentation of RAeC medal)
Mick after winning World Championship 1970 with Zlin.
World Champion 1978, Fournier RF4 Small Strutter nearly finished
in the workshop.
(We need more space.)
Strutter crash at the Nats. 1994.
It still won, and won the next contest
two weeks later! Still competing in 2003.
Building the STARCRAFT Towing the big Camel at the world champs. Camping at World champs in Finland,
Jim (makes our kits), Sandie (sells them)
STARCRAFT. Based on the Ford Cortina saloon. Extra wheels at the back. Finished vehicle had the normal two seats at the front,
then 4 seats behind with a gap in the centre for access. The rear part had 2 more seats along each side, which opened out to make
a double bed. With 2300cc V6 engine (later 3000cc) it was fast for a big van. 0 to 60 in 13 seconds and 95 mph, but thirsty at 15 mpg.
We sold it because of poor access with only three doors, and unreliabilty with overheating and vapour locks.
We had an adventure in the Starcraft on the way to the Woodvale rally. Carrying four people, four Sopwiths and towing a
caravan, we were on the three lane M6 at 70 mph. Traffic was heavy. A small van to my left had a blow-out with a loud bang.

I expected the van to swerve and turn over, so I braked and steered right, away from the van. This started a sway on the
caravan which got worse and worse. It reached the stage where I had corrected with full steering lock three times.
Then a mighty crashing noise.
It fell silent and my first thought was of all the high speed traffic behind us. Was it going to hit us. Our Starcraft and caravan
was sideways across three lanes, and I looked to my right to see that all the traffic had stopped 100 yards away. They must
have seen the build up to the accident and stopped in good time. I checked everyone was OK and jumped out to check for
damage. Three flat tyres out of ten wasn't bad. I started up and drove to the side so the traffic could continue. The small van
was there. They had no problem, changed the wheel and away. We looked again for damage. The front of the caravan was
damaged and the side of the Starcraft had dents where the Caravan had gone to FULL lock each side! Jims big Pup was
fixed to the floor on the right side of the Starcraft, but a yellow streak from its prop was seen on the top left of the rear
window!! The people following us must have had a wonderful view of the incident. Wish I had a video of it.
The police arrived and told us that our gas bottle from the caravan had been seen to fly across the opposite carriageway!!!
They drove off and came back ten minutes later with the bottle. We where not near any town, but luckily there was a big tyre
depot just 100 yards away. We bought one new tyre there at rip-off price. I noticed the man pocketed the money. He would

not allow us to pump up another tyre 'for safety reasons', but he did not care if we drove off on a soft tyre.He just wanted
to sell another tyre. We crept back ten minutes later and used the airline anyway.
The models where damaged, but we were able to repair them that night ready for the contest next day.


1960's,     Stunt.
Dictator and Mew Gull Designs.
Many first places
Second at Hayes rally
Team race
I was disquilified for doing a
wing-over after take-off.
Carrier deck
First at Nationals 3 times.


My BSA B33 500cc single,
converted with 650cc twin engine.


My BSA further converted with complete Norton
featherbed frame and all cycle parts.

Trials 'special', built for Sandie. Bantam frame. 250 villiers engine, Ariel forks.
Rebuilt wheels, 21" front, 18" rear.

Our first Hurricane kit. Homemade 80 cc V twin, Laser parts.
Now fitted in big Strutter.
Trials riding
Greeves 250 built from parts
Our first homebuilt turbine, KJ66. Jim with home built CNC cutting machine.
Mick CHARLES Britain Jurca       SIRROCO  BRITAIN Britain = 8  
1972 Toulouse, FRANCE  Heinz SIMON 
ME 163 KOMET USA    Swiss = 7
1974 Lakehurst, USA   Bob WISCHER     USA Peil EMERAUDE  USA USA = 4  
1976 Delana, SWEDEN  Bob NELITZ  Canada DH CHIPMUNK BRITAIN Czech = 2  
1978   Woodvale, ENGLAND Mick REEVES Britain    FOUNIER RF4D  BRITAIN    
1980 Ottawa, CANADA Jean ROUSSEAU France  CAP 20 USA    
1982 Reno, USA Terry MELLANEY   Britain DH MOTH MINOR BRITAIN    
1984 Paris, FRANCE  Dave MASTERTON Australia DH DROVER SWISS    
1986 Oslo, NORWAY  Max MERKENSLAGER Germany Bristol SCOUT SWISS    
1988 Gorizia, ITALY Philip AVONDS   Belgium F15C EAGLE BRITAIN    
1990 Warsaw, POLAND Philip AVONDS   Belgium F15C EAGLE BRITAIN    
1992 Muncie, USA Peter McDERMOTT Britain  Sopwith TRIPLANE  BRITAIN    
1994 Deelen, HOLLAND Vladimir HANDLIK   Czech  CAUDRON G3 GERMANY    
1996  Perigueux, FRANCE  Max MERKENSLAGER Germany ALBATROS   CZECH    
1998 Swartkop, S.AFRICA Pavel FENCL Czech KNOLLER   SWISS    
2000 Interlaken, SWITZ   Andreas LUTHI Switz  Jungmann  SWISS    
2002    Tilsonburg, CANADA Andreas LUTHI    Switz Jungmeister SWISS    
2004 Deblin, POLAND Andreas LUTHI Switz Jungmeister SWISS    
2006 Norrkoping, SWEDEN Andreas LUTHI Switz Jungmeister CZECH    
2008 Wloclawec. POLAND Andreas LUTHI Switz Jungmeister  .CZECH
2010        Czestochowa, POLAND Max MERCKENSCHLARGER Germany Stinson trimotor Britain    
2012 Santa Cilia, Spain
Andreas LUTHI
Switz Jungmeister Swiss    


1970. Mick CHARLES

1972. Hienz SIMON

1974. Bob WISCHER

1976. Bob NELITZ

1978. Mick REEVES

1980. Jean ROUSSEAU

1982. Terry MELLENEY

1984. Dave MASTERTON


1988.1990. Philip AVONDS

1992. Pete McDERMOTT

1994. Vladimir HANDLIK


1998. Pavel FENCL

2000. Andreas LUTHI

2002.2004. 2006. 2008.

Andreas LUTHI

      2010 Max MERCKENSCHLARGER       


               Andreas LUTHI