with balsa veneered wings     £395
with Obeche veneer wings          £320

with built up wings £250
20 sheets of balsa £tba
1 sheet of proskin £75

Balsa veneered wings with alloy spars.
wings bolt on.

Main hatch removed. 3 litre fuel tank on the CG. Retract air bottle, brakes air bottle 
Large equipment bay.       The wings are easily un-bolted. This leaves the fuselage
on its wheels which is handy for test running. 

Front hatch removed.
Canard tail can have controlled surfaces , or left fixed.
Batteries in the front section.  

Sprung noseleg £o/s

(not currently available)

Testing Mk 1 in cold weather.

Quick built sports jet model.
With fixed nose leg and main legs, plus wood parts to take retracts. £295
Wing span. 70 inches. [1.78 M]    Length 59 inches.[1.5 M] Wing area 1650 sq.inches
Weight, ready to fly, less fuel . 16 lbs.[7 kg]. Engine 10 lbs and up thrust. MW54, KJ66. etc.
Kit contains; Ready veneered foam wings with alloy spars ready fitted.
CNC cut ply fuselage. Balsa fins and tail. Moulded canopy and hatch.
Main legs and sprung noseleg, Retract mounts,. Bolts, screws etc. Instructions.

Quick build? One customer had his fuselage assembled within half on hour. He flew it within the week.
We have had many reports from customers about the superb flight characteristics of the Super Reaper.
Take off from grass is no problem even with smaller turbines, and the smoothness of flight was often mentioned.
Several pilots who have flown Hotspot/Kangeroo models said they preferred Super Reaper!

Customers comments.
'Exellent first flight, plenty of power from MW54, very smooth, and stable, easy to land'.
'smoothest climbout ever...holds level flight on 1/2 stick (MW54)...really manouverable but stable..'

What more can you ask for in an everyday flyer sports jet - good looks, inexpensive, good flying characteristics,
short field take off and landing capability, wide range of engine selection and minimal build time.
Did I mention this thing flies GREAT! HA!

Are people who are looking for a jet trainer wishing to learn to fly? I dont think so.
If they are I suggest they learn on a conventional trainer first.
The Reaper has the following qualities.
Cheap and quick to build.
Easy to dismantle and transport.
Easy installation, lots of room, easy access.
The model is intended to enable new turbine owners to get airborne quickly,
to allow turbine experiance to be gained.
He can then go on to build the super scale jet he really wants. (See our range!)
The Reaper is ideal for the smaller MW54 engine, but can handle high speed with bigger engines.
Reaper news.
customer with MW54 engine reported level flight at 146 mph.
Another customer with MW54 uprated to 12 lbs thrust, achieved 200 mph with his Reaper!!
Over 250 kits have been sold!

Ready to go, 2 or 3 litre tank for Reaper (see accessories page)

Link to Reaper video from Rob Robotham


Jim Kane. Kirkcaldy, Scotland. Jetcat 180, changing to Wren 80. 'Fantastic flier'

Friedrich Tuchler from Austria.
SuperReaper-08-2008.wmv Video link

Tobias Sjogren from Sweden. '...a wonderful model, slow and fast, with KJ66...'
Some of our customers models

Andreas Markovic from Vienna flew his Reaper with smoke
and video camera. See his great video at
www.paf-flugmodelle.de/spunki.wmv or at high quality at

Camera held on with Velcro

Dave Mathews from Ireland did a super job.

Scott Quin

Joel Neto from Brasil

Dave armitage from South Africa.

Andreas Markovic. Austria great''

Bill WIlkinson

Marcus Franz. Germany.

James Nobel, Florida.

Rafn Thoransen, Iceland.

Dave Biddington

Michael Binder and Jim Noble, USA

PhillipHester 1.

PhillipHester 2.

Aykut Suavi from Turkey

Christophe Becker. Luxemburg.

Roger Mailliet from Luxemburg.      P80, 'flies great'.

Ted Cook's Reaper had 250 flights. He likes it so much
he has built this second one. He also flies a Hunter

George and Dave of Elvington flyers. Reaper clocked at
210 mph with 24 lbs thust.

Manfred Dittmayer from Austria.
His 'Reaperwolkov' is his first jet. "great plane, I like it so much".

Lars Rasmussen from Denmark. 32lbs thrust Frank turbine.


Alain Szulezewski from France.

Ian Wilde. Ex full-size Lightning pilot. Now has our Lightning.

Tommy Yates Mark 2 with RAM 750 from Alabama, USA.

Don Briiton from CANADA. "love the kit, awsome flying plane"

Alan King from New Zealand. 'goes like a rocket with Behotec 66'

Gary and Jenny Edwards

Eric Bradley

Eric Bradley's Mk1, Micks Mk2 prototype, Jim's Mk1.

Gene Hornbuckle. USA

Dave Revell's Standard Reaper. MW54

Malcolm Farrington

Otard and Andy. Taiwan

Tim Whitcombe's Reaper,
and Adrian Britton's mini copy.

Three from Cardiff

Tomas Liejon from Sweden

Marc De Mol. Belguim.    'great plane'

John Gerhardt. Arizona USA.
MW54. 17 1/4 lbs. Retracts. 'flies fantastic'

Mr Hsieh. Taiwan

Pius Illien from Switzerland

Chris Geyskens in Belgium.

Michael Binder. Austria

Urs Szymanski from Switzerland.
'a superb flier'

Danny Jolliffe. England

Andreas Markovic. Austria.

Eray Savci. Turkey

Kurt Schorgi. Austria

Jim Reeves

Amilcare Angelucci

C. Huxtable

Henry Sheddon

Marc Thomson. CANADA.

Marc de Vusser, Belgium

John Cockfield

'Mac' Macarthy

Michael Binder - Austria.
Doesn't he look nice!

Guy Glover

Andrew Coholic from Canada

Christos is pleased with his Super
Reaper in Cyprus.

Larry Brannan from USA

Colin Straus has retracts and flaps,
Sophia engine.

Brian H - Australia
Built up wing version with JP retracts & wheels
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