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Thunder and Lightning - Vertical reality.

 The famous British Mach 2 fighter of the 1960s
Scale 1/7.  Length 85inches.  Wingspan 60 inches
Power - one turbine in the top position. 7kg thrust or more.
If you want to fly at Mach 2 [200 MPH on the model],
just fit a more powerful engine
Wings, tails, and fin unplug for transport. Fuselage in two parts.
Nosecone opens for battery access.
Servos required:- 2 x aileron. 2 x elevator. 2 x flaps.
rudder. fuel/throttle. steering. retracts. doors. brakes.
Kit contains:-
Epoxy fuselage, tailplanes, fin, hatch, front centre body, rear end.
CNC cut wing structure, formers etc.
Stainless steel duct. Metal fixings for wing, tails and fin.
Independant pivoting tail mechanism.
Canopy, doors, Roundels, Missiles, plans, Photos, 3 view. etc.

jet pipe; 100 or double wall 160

wing skin 16 sheets of 1/8" x 4" balsa sheet
or 0.3mm proskin sheet 1m x 2m

Videos of the goff model at http://menez.thomas.free.fr/lightning.wmv and also 'lightning2ndflight.wmv
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From Harry Curzon. Weght. 28 lbs dry (13kg) 1 gallon fuel tank (4.5 ltr) Has braking parachute and reheat effect!  

Mark Hadleys with drogue chute landing.


July 07. On its approx 10th flight, Jim was leading in a contest when one of the
elevator servo plugs came out. Crash and burn! He rebuilt the engine the next day
and it still runs. He will build a new Lightning for next year.

Jim's with ProSkin covering.

Ian Wilde. ( ex full-size Lightning pilot)

Nigel Roche from Germany

Ian Wilde's with 'after burners'.

At Coltishal, May 2005. Colin Strass before maiden flight. Phil Goff with brother Clives model

Michael Binder from Austria.

Colin Strauss's magnificent aluminium finish on the Lightning. Ram 100 power. 26 lbs.weigh

Mark Stephens



Ian Stevens has built TWO Lightnings, Jetcat 160s. Contact - imstevenz@blueyonder.co.uk

Ian Stevens Lightning has now had 16 flights. 26 lbs weight. 30lbs thrust..Sept 05.

Peter Chaffe's model ready for first flight.

April 2005. Philip and Clive Goff after 12h flight.
Jetcat 120, 29lbs weight.
Phils first jet model. 'Easy to fly' he says.

Mark Handley's Lightning had a successful maiden flight at Hucknal.
On its second outing it won the "Best jet" trophy at the Geordie Nats.
Seen here after 2 good flights at the Leeming JMA meeting.
Mark suprised me by doing a loop with only 1/3 throttle!

Rotating main legs 100 pair
Main wheels 60 pair.
Scissor links 60 pair
Noseleg 50.
You will need a 3" Nosewheel.
a nose brake will fit in the fork

3 litre fuel tank. (See Accessories page)

LIGHTNING Retract Set. 300.
Special angles for the model.
2 x Mainleg units. Noseleg unit. . Control valve.
Filler valve. Pressure gauge. Coke Bottle fitting.
2 T connectors. 4 Push in T connectors.
3 metres Air Tubing.

Firebird waterslide 6 pair

    Vinyl roundel set 16  



LINK. www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk

Bare wing structure, put together in ten minutes
- without glue!
Includes wing fixings, retract mount etc ready done.
On the right is a wing with top balsa sheeting
fitted and aileron, flap, retracts installed.

Fuselage splits in two minutes for easy handling.
Tails and fin come off in one minute. I reckon the model would
fit in a box 55" x 20" x 16"

Jims PRO-SKIN Lightning is coming along slowly.

Test model. Roughly built, no doors, cockpit/pilot, details etc.
My model carries 3 litres of fuel on the CG.
My Lightning has now completed about 20 flights. There have been no problems with the flight characteristics.
The model is quite easy to handle.It is fully aerobatic with a 7 kg thrust engine, and will cruise at 1/2 throttle .
Rolls are easy and can be very fast if you want. Inverted is no problem. It will do a small or large loop
depending on the power. The short wings are hard to see in level flight. It can bank about 10 degrees
before the wings are visible.
The model has been flown in wind gusting to 30 knots. It handled the conditions well.
Landing approach is straighforward and the touchdown is very forgiving.
As soon as the wheels are on the ground, the model sticks and runs straight with no bouncing, even with my erratic flying!
I have fitted a nosewheel brake which gives very good results. It will hold still up to 1/2 thrust
before take-off which is fine. .
Take-off run - 85 metres in still air
Full brake power will lock the nosewheel, but this is not noticable, there is no swerving. The braking is
more realistic than most two wheel brakes I have seen.