For turbines 6 to 12 kg thrust.  1/9 scale. 70" span.
Weight 10 kg. Wing area 1700
Easy to transport.  Wings and tail plug in. Bags of room inside.
Scale flaps and airbrakes.
Kit contains;  
Epoxy fuselage, hatch, nose and rear. CNC cut formers, wing and tail ribs
Flaps and Airbrakes. Metal wing and tail joiners. Hinges, blindnuts, bolts etc.
Plans. 3-views. Canopy.
Kit 699. Post ( ask)
The model can be covered in 0.3 mm ProSkin instead of balsa.
Three sheets is plenty.
Second at British Nats [the engine stopped on the approach]
Third at World Champs2000 (Large scale).

Bifrucated stainless jet pipe 100
Main oleo legs (7 rake) 60 pr.
Robart noseleg 85
Nose wheel 25.  ( 2.75" , 70mm)
Main wheels 55 ( 4.5" )
brake hubs 75
Vinyl markings set. 17     
Photo set. 10
1 x 2m sheet ProSkin 60
Robarts recommended.
mains #630, nose #638, noseleg #654

Electric far east retract set. 150


Bert Hazeborg from Netherland

Gary from Corby

Geof Leigh from Kettering.


Dave Biddington

"Flies like a dream" Dick Spreadbury.


Philip Pickin from Cardiff [left] Flies beautifully on Jetcat P80.
Won a trophy at 2005 St. Athan, flown by John Cockfield [right].
Paul Vorkas. from Cyprus. 11kg, Jetcat 120.

Colin Wood's flies regularly.
Jims Javelin. The paintwork was not completed.
The model flew superbly, very smooth and exact
throught all aerobatics. He was delighted!
Alas, just after this photo, the radio went dead
on takeoff and the model was destroyed.

Note the modified back end
with afterburners.

David Butt's has now flown.


The model breaks done well for transport.

Basic wing ready for covering.
Pro-Skin would do a good job.

Noseleg with steering, robart.

Wings bolted on.

wing mounting tubes glued in.

Fin with rudder servo and fixing tube.