Sunday April 27th. 2003 Successful first flight today. Home built engine, 7 kg thrust.
20 mph wind. KJ66. Model weight 10.2 kg without fuel. Three litres carried.
I did rolls, loops, Immalman, inverted, all fine.
Second flight. I did a full competition schedule and a good landing. The brakes work well.
Take-off run 45 metres.
We recommend a CG position 2 1/4" in front of the hatch.

1/6 scale . 93" long. 68" span. Model weight 10.2 Kg with pilot.
The model dismantles as follows - The wings unplug (one bolt each),
Tails unplug with self connecting elevator drive (one bolt each),
Ailerons, elevators and rudder remove (robart hinges).
The fuselage comes apart behind the wings,
(three bolts and two servo connectors).
Duct is in the rear part, easily removed.
The nose cap removes (batteries and ballast).
The canopy removes (Receiver etc.),
Hatch over engine. Engine can be removed in 10 seconds.
(With our jet strap)
Three litre tank on the CG, with easy access.
Room for hand electric starting.

Kit price 830
Kit contains;
Epoxy moulded fuselage with centre joint, Canopy,
CNC cut fuselage formers,
CNC wing and tail ribs and spars,
Wing fitting tubes, Tail fitting tubes,
Plans, instructions,
Moulded wing tips, tail tips, Gun blisters, parachute housing.
Proskin covering for wings, ailerons, flaps, tail
one and a half sheets 1m x 2m 113
Stainless rear thrust duct single wall 120, double wall 170
Complete retract set with scale oleo legs, metal wheels,
tyres , brakes, and complete air system.
(700) sorry not available
3 litre fuel tank 13.
100 gallon Drop tanks with pylons, kit 25 pair.
Airbrake kit 20
Plywood stand 10
hidden elevator drive 15

  LINK www.thunder-and-lightnings.co.uk
Lots of info on full size Hunter.

The fuselage splits for transport, and makes building much easier.                        Wing parts slotted together


Complete retracts set with brakes. 700 ( ask availabilty )

The PRO-SKIN tail. Tail halves unplug
from the fin. Elevators are removeable. The rudder
comes off in ten seconds to service the servo.

Wing with aileron, flap, leg and wheel, simplified doors, moulded tip.
The kit includes the PRO-SKIN covering. (See other page)

MRM main legs 70/ pair

1/4" top pin ( brakes not supplied)

MRM air unit - nose 75
semi scale noseleg 50 (cable steering)

Main units 75 each
110mm main wheels 60
75mm nose wheel no stock


                        Bob Smith. Jetcat P80                                                                                              Russ Marshall from Devon.

Richard Johnson, maiden flight. Nov 2011.

Ian WIlde, Full size Lightning pilot, flies our Lightning and Hunter!

Jeremy McMillan

Philip Noel.

Jens Nytroen from Norway. 25 flights with Simjet 3000. 1/2 power.only.

Phil Holder. Maiden flight - 'really enjoyed it'. 'solid and stable'. 'landing, best I've ever done'.

GordonMc. Maiden flight in USA.
See report at www.rcuniverse.com/forum.fb.asp?m+4707311

Lee Bethals Hunter had its maiden flight Jan 2006

Ted Cook with 'MissDemeanor' Hunter. Was delighted with first flight in June.05
" brilliant".

Colin Strauss maiden flight. -- 'smooth as silk'.

Walter Pernull from Austria. "flies really well"."...even at low airspeeds the model
remains stable and responsive" ... " the machine looks truely wonderful in the air and
is straightforward to fly"....." A truely beautiful scale model with balanced handling at
all speeds" ....

A customer was pleased to receive his kit.!
Jan Becaus

"It's a Belgian hawker. They served for a period in Korea, so when the came back to Belgium they were all weathered and ready for the scrap yard!"