Epoxy Barb Hinges

1.6mm epoxy board hinges drilled for 16swg wire pin. Use 2 or 3 per hinge point.
( 3 to prevent side to side movement.)

Glue parts into each side of the hinge line using piano wire pin to line them all up.
Pin slides out for building & maintanance. Retain pin by gluing bent end or solder tag to take a screw.

£0.50 each barb.

Barb hinge for big spitfire tail (left ) & elevator (right).

Narrow barb for a 1.6mm wide x 5mm high slot.
wide barb for a 10mm high slot or drilled hole.

Self adhesive vinyl decals.
colours similar to our paints, rings are separate. spitfire sets
include a selection of grey squadron & black serial letters.

1/4 spitfire £40
1/5 spitfire £30
1/6 spitfire £22

1/6 Hurricane £22

1/7 FW 190 £6

1/6 Venom £10

1/3 Camel £45
1/3 Pup £45
1/3 Sopwith Triplane £50
1/4 Camel £35
1/4 Pup £35

Steel plates.

Plated Steel   36 mm x 5.5 mm
 Stainless Steel 36mm x 6mm
2mm holes.

£3  pkt 8.    .

1/4 scale oxygen hose. £1 a foot.

Small Turnbuckles. .     Steel.          M2 thread.    out of stock

A job saved is money well spent.

Epoxy Horns
    2 1/2 inch        £2.50 each £4.50 a pair £9 pack of 4
    2    inch £2 each £3.50 a pair £7 pack of 4
    1.1/2 inch £ 2 each £3 a pair £6 pack of 4
    1 1/4 inch £2 each £3 a pair £6 pack of 4
    servo arms £2     each    


Tiny brass hinges. 8 mm x 10 mm (3/8" x 5/16"). £2 packet of four
Great for scale hatches and doors etc.
Use screws E (top), or F (lower) £1.50 pkt 30
Also brass nails to simulate roundhead rivets 2mm diam head. £1.50 pkt 40
You will want the smallest from our crosshead screwdriver set, £3
And our 0.8 mm drill £1.


  Mini snap hinges. £1

Brass finish. 3 inches wide.
Can be cut for shorter hinge. Snap open and snap shut.
No hatch catch needed.
Spring can be removed for normal action.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it pass water!

Sliding canopy rails.
12 inch long brass. £6 each
3/16" (5mm) square.
Slot takes an M2 screw head which slides smoothly along.
Solder two screws each side to your canopy frame.
Cut round holes in the rail at about half way open so the frame
can be sprung apart and the canopy taken off.
Dont forget you will need the rails to be
twice the lenght of your canopy.

Gleitende Vordachschienen.
5 mm Vierkant,300mm langes Messing. £6 pro Stück

Polypropolene rail runners 10mm long, 2mm self tapping screw,
drill through metal frame & canopy edge, fit 2 or 3 each side.

Polypropolen-Schienenführungen 10mm lang, 2mm selbstschneidende Schraube,
durch Metallrahmen und Vordachkante bohren, 2 oder 3 pro Seite montieren.

6 runners £3
bag of 30 screws £2

6" diam x 6 1/2" long for 1/4 Spitfire £75
5" diam x 4.5" long Mosquito -£45
5" diam x 5" long Hurricane £75
4" x 4" 1/6 Spitfire £25. -

1/6 for Spitfire.   £12       1/4 scale    £25
blades also good for Hurricane etc.
See my model on spitfire page.

Wing joining tubes.
Aluminium tubes with matching
phenolic outer tube.
1" x 36" £28.  
3/4" x 36". £25.    
1/2" x 36", £20

Super Carbon spinner.Lightweight and strong.
6"-  £85 out of stock. .........5" - out of stock

Scale    Diameter x Pitch or spacing  price
1/7 scale (1 mm x
2.8mm )        £8
1/6 scale (1.2 mm x
3.3mm )    £8
1/5 scale (1.5mm
x 4 mm pitch)   £8
1/4 scale (1.8 mm x 5mm )      £10
1/3 scale (2.4mm x
6.6 mm )   £12

metalcoat applied over vinyl rivets

12 Zoll lange Streifen. 50 Nieten pro Streifen.
24 Streifen = 1200 Nieten.

Ziehen Sie den äußeren Streifen ab (heben Sie diesen für bemalte Nieten auf).
Klebeband über die Punkte auf dem Papier anbringen,
mit dem Messergriff fest anreiben und abziehen.
Das Klebeband auf das Modell kleben, anreiben und abziehen.

Décollez la bande extérieure (réservez-la pour les rivets peints).
Appliquez du ruban adhésif sur les points du papier,
frotter fortement avec le manche du couteau et décoller.
Appliquer le ruban adhésif sur le modèle, frotter et retirer le ruban.


Scale rivets

12 inch long strips. 50 rivets per strip.
24 strips = 1200 rivets.
Each rivet yields two heads = 2400 rivets.

Two rivet types; self adhesive & painted..
Painted rivets. Stick the self adhesive strip to the model.
Use a small brush to apply primer or paint to the holes
in the strip. Peel off the strip when paint has dried.
(Only 2 minutes with primer). Now ready for painting.

Stuck-on rivets.
Peel off the outer strip ( save this for painted rivets).
Apply adhesive tape over the dots on the paper,
rub down hard with knife handle and lift off.
Apply the tape to the model, rub down and remove the tape.
The adhesive dots are ready to be painted with the model.

The stuck-on rivets are slightly smaller than the painted
type and stand out more on the surface.
The painted type depend on how thick you apply the paint.
Practice on plastic sheet with both types, then paint
them to see if the result suits the model you are building.
Experiment to get the right effect.

.Scale paneling tapes
£3.50 pack. 120 x 9 inch strips.
Stick the tapes to the model, spray over with primer.
A light sanding then removethe tapes.
Leaves a very narrow groove to simulate panel
lines. Should be done before the rivets.

Self adhesive silver vinyl sheet,
12" x 24" £3
Use for scale hatches etc.

Rivets on my Hurricane




Black ... Dark grey

Foam for making scale tyres.
Very light. Black.

Soft 2 3/8" x 12 x 12. £20

Hard 1 3/4" x 12 x 12" £25 (black or grey available)

Hard 1.2" x 12" x 12" £20

12" x 12" square. Will make two 6" and two 5" tyres,
or two 6 1/2" and two 4 1/2" tyres.
Mark a circle 3 mm oversize. Drill centre hole and saw
to rough shape.Mount on a bolt and fit in electric drill.
Sand to shape with coarse, then fine paper.
Make the hub with brass tube, washers each side and
long bolts to pull together, or to suit the particular scale
appearance. The foam gives good performance
and will take a good weight.
Grey suitable for some ww1 aircraft.

. Servo plug holder
This handy item to allow you to fix your servo lead on the
side of the fuselage, so that the aileron lead can be easily
connected. It can also be used in other places where it
makes plugging in a servo a one handed operation.
                              Only 50p each.

Scale Rib Tapes - Oratex £25
Based on the full-size 2" wide,
5 points per inch, we have;-
1/3 scale, 0.66" x15 PPI.
1/4 scale, 0.5" x 20 PP
1/5 scale, 0.4" x 25 PPI
1/6 scale, 0.33" x 25 PPI
Each set has 20 strips x 24" long, plus 4 double for edges.

Basierend auf der vollen Größe 50mm breit,
5 Punkte pro Zoll, haben wir;-
1/3 Maßstab, 0,66“ x 15 PPI. (17mm)
1/4 Maßstab, 0,5“ x 20 PP (13mm)
Maßstab 1/5, 0,4“ x 25 PPI (10mm)
Maßstab 1/6, 0,33“ x 25 PPI (8mm)
Jedes Set enthält 20 Streifen mit einer Länge von 60cm, plus 4 Doppelstreifen für die Kanten.

(also in silver, olive drab.)
We can cut in any other colour, just send us your material.
These are not 'pinking' tapes but 'pinked tapes'
Customers comments - Mick Reeves tapes are the best, very thin,
look very scale, stretch easily round curves, adhere well.
Dummy rib stitching
To go under the rib tapes.
Lift with the point of a knife and apply. 300 pieces .£2

(12 big/middle/small),
say which scale you want.£15

Oratex 24" wide ( 600mm)
10 meter roll £154
2 meter roll £34
Oratex glue (same as Balsaloc) £12.60

BRASS TUBE. 12" long.
each fits inside the next size.
1/16" £1.50.              3/8" £5.50
3/32" £1.50.          13/32" £6
1/8" £2.50.              7/16" £7
5/32" £2.50.          15/32" £ 7
3/16" £2.75.             1/2" £7
7/32" £3.00.         17/32" £ 7.50
1/4" £4.             9/16" £7.5
9/32" £4.         19/32" £8.50
5/16" £4.50            5/8" £8.50
11/32" £4.50..........................  

Brass tubes to fit piano wire gauges.
6g, 10g. 12g. 16g. 18g. .
All 12".   £1.50.

1/4" o/d mild steel tube x 15 inch length. £3

8mm x 1.6mm wall axle tube any length £2 per 10cm, .
10mm x 2mm wall axle tube , any length £3 per 10cm

Razor blade strips. 50p each.

Epoxy board.  Useful for horns and fittings. .                     

1.6 mm. 6" x 12" -  £9
5 mm - £20 per square foot.

For WW2 British fighters. semi scale Spitfire or Huricane.
1/7 scale -120mm wide,. 1/6 - 138mm,. 1/5 - 165mm £6 .
1/4 scale - 207mm £7.
1/3 scale - 275mm£10.

Can be assembled in half an hour. See also Sopwith page.

Real sheet aluminium for model covering. 0.05mm thick.
Self adhesive, Only weighs 9.4 gm per sq foot. (100g /m2)
.Easy finish - stick it on, ready to paint,
polish or burnish to required effect. will form to compound curves.
Of course its fuelproof. Easily replace a patch if damaged.
600 mm wide. £6 per metre

                                         Jims model

                              Tony Manzur's P51

This 1/6 scale sergeant pilot (unpainted) £5    

            1/4 scale Mick, age 32! £5       

1/4 scale. Colonel Blimp. £16 - rotary cast


1mm or 0.5mm clear plastic for glazing. 8" x 22" £5

P47 Thunderbolt with metalcoat finnish;


Stainless steel. Bends VERY tightly
12 inches x Inside diameters.
6 mm £6............ 8 mm £10
10 mm £10 ..........12 mm £10 £10         20 mm o/s
17mm £10 .........25 mm £10.00
Special pipes to fit into LASER cylinder head.
Laser 120/150/300. 10 mm. £13
70/80/90/100/160/180/200. 8 mm. £13
Silver solder for joining £3.50. Flux 50p


Fits most two stroke engines up to 15cc.
Less than an inch wide to fit inside cowlings.
takes 1/2" Bendy Pipe
Outlet can swivel 360 to best position.

Slim or Dumpy silencer £15




Instant release steel strap mounting.
Remove turbine from model in 10 seconds
    (Please state engine model) 

spot welded jet pipes. 0.15mm stainless steel, made to order.

3-4" diameter @ £2 per inch length.

bellmouth £10, mounting lugs £4 each, rear support ring £20.

Total height, top of plug 175 mm.
Length, mount the prop driver 218 mm.

Gesamthöhe, Oberseite des Steckers 175 mm.
Länge, Montage des Propellermotors 218 mm.

  for   ZENOAH 62
50% Thrust increase, from 20lbs for standard Z62 to around
30 lbs when fitted with Torquemaster.    
1. Bolt-on Unit. no modification to the engine.
2. More torque drives bigger props for increased thrust.
3. Moves the thrust line closer to the centre of the engine.- Easier cowling.
4. Ratio 1.75:1
Thrust - 30 lbs.          Weight - 2¾ lbs.     Length increase - 2½ in.
Prop shaft is 75 mm above engine shaft.     Pulley runs on two ballraces.
Prop .........RPM                  A well run in engine can give 10% higher RPM.
26 x 8 ......5400 (prop too small.       Suggested max RPM - 5100 on prop.
26 x 10 ....5200 (a bit small)
28 x 12 ....4600
28 x 14 ....4400 (takes my 1/3 Camel up vertically!)
30 x 11 ....4000    
32 x 12 ....2700 (too big for max power)

50% mehr Schubkraft, von 20lbs für die Standard-Z62 auf ca.
13.5kg bei Ausstattung mit Torquemaster.
1. Anschraubbare Einheit. Keine Änderung am Motor.
2. Mehr Drehmoment treibt größere Propeller für mehr Schub an.
3. Verlegt die Schublinie näher zur Mitte des Motors - Einfachere Verkleidung.
4. Übersetzungsverhältnis 1,75:1
Schubkraft - 13.5kg. Gewicht - 1.2kg. Längenzunahme - 63mm.
Die Propellerwelle befindet sich 75 mm über der Motorwelle. Riemenscheibe läuft auf zwei Kugellagern.

Übersetzt mit (kostenlose Version)

Ian Redshaw's DH2 with 30" pusher prop on
Torquemaster with 9" extended shaft

Chipmunk instrument panel kit. £12

- 112mm wide x 60mm high
- 135 mm x 72
-140mm x75
-167mm x 92

Can be assembled in half an hour..

Sopwith Swallow by Fernando Blanco

My glow system for Laser twin. Each plug needs only 1.2 volts for easy starting!
On board two cell NMH 2000 mah. The throttle servo switch comes on at low throttle only.
The RUN switch is on for nornal start/ fly.
Three jack sockets are fitted.
1. Charge on board battery.
2. Test amps. with run switch off, this connects the on board battery and displays amps on a grond support box.
       Tells you the state of charge and that the plugs are both working.
3. Connects the 2 volt ground battery if the on board fails. Engine will start, then run without a battery.
    This saved me losing a flight at a World Champs.





Tiny screws F, One of our most useful and unique items.
Opens up new possibilities for scale models
Hinges, canopies, and scale fittings can be held in place with screws instead of gluing on.
Easier to service and more realistic.
I also use them for practical things, mounting servos, rigging brackets, hinges, etc.etc.
Buy a packet to try.          
Items M,N, P fit our forkends. PLEASE ORDER BY LETTER CODE.
A     2.2 x 6.5mm
self tapping. £2.50 pkt 30.
B      2 x 10 mm
. £2 pkt 30
C      2.2 x 8 mm
self tapping. £2 pkt 30.
  D    1.4 mm x 8 mm

         £2 pkt 30

E     1.6 x 6 mm
pan head
self tapping. £2 pkt 30

Fc   Countersunk
FR     Roundhead
    1 x 5 mm
self tapping. £2 pkt 30  
G      M2 x 25 mm
£2 pkt 20
H      M2 x 14 mm
£2 pkt 20
J      M2 x 10 mm
£2 pkt 20
K      M2 x6 mm
£2 pky 20
L       M2 nuts
£1.50 pky 20
M     M2 x 16 mm
headless stud.
spare for forkend.
£2 pkt of 6

N       M2 x 4 mm
Small head.
spare for fork ends.
£3 for 10

M2 x 4mm torx £2.50
bag of 10

P      M2, small nuts
£2 pkt 10

Q     no.2 x 3/8"
Round head brass. 
£2 pkt 10

M2 x 6 mm
pan head
£2 pkt 20

S     1.4 mm x 6mm
Csk cross head
£2 pkt 30ead

T   2 x 6 mm
roundhead woodscrews.
                 £2 pkt 30

 6 BA x 1" bolts £1 per 100!
U        1.5 x 5 mm
      Round crosshead
          £2 pkt 30
  0.8 mm Pilot drill
for tiny screws. £1

metal ball links.
. M3.  £2.50

8 Prong nuts. M3 or M4..£2

M2 , M3 Cable anchors. 75p.

Tiny Eyelets.,for fabric, lacing.   
£1 pkt 100
(3mm O/D, 2mm body , 1.6mm bore, 3mm long)

Metal Quick Links.
M2 or M3 £1 each

M2 or M3 threaded rods 60p each

Kevlar thread. 0.038". (1mm) 10 metres £5.
Very strong. No stretch. . Yellow, but can
be dyed or painted.
Use for closed loop controls,
no radio sheilding effects.

0.4mm silver grey Kevlar 10m £5.
half a gram per meter.

Light control cable, stainless steel. 49 strand.
5 meters £5
0.5mm, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm

Heavy cable, soft, 49 strand, for all larger models.
1.2 mm or 1.5 mm. 5 metres £6 .

mm cheap cable. not as flexible. 25p/metre.


Metal fuel Filter £3

Air pressure gauge.
1/2 inch diameter. £20

Fine quality Silver Solder. 55% real silver.Very strong.
1/32" diameter for delicate work. approx 24" long. £3.50
flux 50p

Silver soldering tips.

1. No need to clean our rigging wire,. screws, bendy pipe, etc.
2. Use a brick as a base, rig the parts in position.
3. Mix a little flux with a few drops of water, not too much water.
4. Apply the flux carefully to the joint. The solder will flow on the
areas with flux, nowhere else, so wipe away any flux in
places it is not needed.
5. Lay pieces of solder on the joint. For circular parts, roll
solder into rings to fit.
6. Apply the blowlamp to the joint. If one part is thicker, keep the
flame on the thicker part, so that the thin part is not over heated.
7. The solder should flow with the parts just below red heat,
but it will still work if some parts do be come red hot.
8. Apply more solder from the stick if needed.
9. If fails to flow on any part, add more flux and try again.
10. If needed, allow to cool, clean the area and try again.
11. It is very possible to solder one side of a small part,
without melting the other side, even on a 6mm pipe for example.
So, you can tack it on one side, then bend it to close a gap
on the other side, and finish soldering the joint.

Retracts valve with speed control. £35

Light alloy sheet. 24 swg .
12" x 18". 
Sopwith nose panels.

Tinplate. Approx 6" x 12" £4
For small brackets, fittings etc.

Brass hatch catch £4.50

PRO-SKIN is epoxy-glass sheet which has been moulded under high pressure and heat.
Result is a perfect flat sheet with semi-matt surface which accepts paint and glues well.
It is waterproof and fuelproof, and will not warp.
When a model has been covered in PRO-SKIN, it will be ready to paint!
Gone will be the weeks or months of tedious dusty work of rubbing down, messy resin/glass
covering, filling, more rubbing down and so on.
PRO-SKIN gives you a representation of a scale metal skin which would be hard to achieve
normally, and its instant!
When you add it all up, PRO-SKIN is not only MUCH quicker, it is also cheaper!
Please note that the thickness stated is nominal.
The process cannot control the thickness exactly and so this will vary.

0.2 mm. - Foam wings and small models. weight 44 gm sq ft.
                                                 1.22m x 1.22m (48" x 48") 
                                                                          Half sheet  
0.3 mm - Built up wings.     weight 88gm sq ft       
                                  Full sheet
1.22m x 2.44m ( 4ft x 8 ft ) £110.
Half sheet 1.22 x 1.22m ( 4 ft x 4 ft )  £55
Quater sheet 1.22 x .6m ( 48" x 24")  £28
                                                                     A4 sheet 8" x 12" £5

1m x 2m ( 39" x 78")  out of stock  or half sheet £38 .            

  ProSkin can be rolled up for posting.    

I did a check building a 9 foot span pair of wings,
Balsa sheet
             £35.    1120 gm
50 gm Glass cloth £15     135 gm
Epoxy resin          £17     200 gm
spray filler            £17     185 gm
sandpaper           £7
Total cost           £91      1640 gm
The cost of eqivalent area in 0.3 ProSkin - £84.
The proskin was a little heavier 1872 gm. but much stronger.

We checked out plywood prices -
Proskin 0.3 mm thick £2.50 Sq Ft.
1/32"plywood (0.8 mm) £3 Sq Ft
1/48" plywood (0.6 mm) £5. Sq Ft
1/64" plywood (0.4 mm) £7. Sq Ft.
So, its
Cheaper and much Stronger than ply wood, and is ready to paint!

Use for Foam wings, instead of veneers.
Sheet is applied using Polyurathane adhesive. The adhesive has a foaming action which
fills the slight irregularities in the foam. Leading edges and wing tips are best made with balsa as normal.
Result is a hard surface ready to paint.
Wing is strong and stiff as it would have been with the normal veneer/glass/epoxy resin finish.

Built up wings instead of sheet balsa.
0.2, 0.3, PRO-SKIN is used according to the size of the model.
The wing structure is sanded until all ribs and spars are level, just as you would for sheeting with balsa.
The PRO-SKIN is cut with scissors slightly oversize.
(One piece covers the wing, no joining of sheets is needed).
Polyurathane adhesive is applied to the wing structure and the skin is smoothed down and clamped or weighted.

The adhesive foams up to fill any gaps and also give a filleting effect to make a strong bond with the structure.
The adhesive will be handleable in about 20 minutes, then the wing can be lifted and the operation repeated for
the other side. The PRO-SKIN will only work where there is no double curvature, so wing tips and leading
edges willbe made in the traditional way. The PRO-SKIN is now ready for painting!

Alternative adhesive is one hour epoxy with some filler to thicken it.
This allows more time to position the skins.
It is good practice to roughen the ProSkin suface at the glue joints.

Hunter wing with top skin fitted.   Hunter flap only 6 mm thick and completely rigid. Took 15 minutes to make.

Fuselages, small assemblies, ailerons etc, anywhere that a flat sheet will fit.
Perfect sharp and straight trailing edges are easy with PRO-SKIN.
Scale hinging for metal subjects now becomes easy! Hinges can be fitted with our
tiny screws directly under the thin, hard PRO-SKIN sheet. Hatches?
Just cut the hatch in PRO-SKIN, place it on the surface and mark around with a knife.
Cut out, and line the hole with narrow strip of PRO-SKIN glued inside.
Place the hatch into the perfectly fitted recess and secure with MRM tiny screws F.
Job done!

Foam wings/tails/fuselage panels are covered in the thinnest PRO-SKIN, using polyu glue.
You must prepare the job well before applying the adhesive to one side of the foam,
spreading with a scraper. You must work quickly to get the PRO-SKIN in place within 5 minutes.
The PRO-SKIN is then held down with the foam wing outer block and weights, and left to set.
Polyurathane sticks very well to most things (even your fingers).
It is very convenient to fit formers in glass fuselages because it needs no mixing.
Just squirt it from the bottle over the joint and it will form a natural, slightly flexible fillet.
Proskin will work with epoxy resins and cyanos, best to abraid the surface along the glue lines.
For an almost unbreakable trailing edge, just apply normal cyano so that it wicks between the wing skins.
It will set in a few minutes, then you will be able to knock the trailing edge of your wing on the edge
of your wooden bench. The bench will be dented, not the wing!
As you might expect, being a perfect flat board, PRO-SKIN cannot cover compound curves in one piece.
Most wing panels can be dealt with, and the leading edge is most easily achieved with balsa in the traditional way.
Double curvature wings may be possible by slitting the PRO-SKIN near the wing tip,
but you must experiment with this. Wings with a change in section, such as the Hunter or Javelin
will require a short slit at the front of the ProSkin
You can be sure that many new techniques will be developed with this new material when
ingenious modellers get their hands on it.
Polyurathane adhesive is very useful for all sorts of materials.
It needs no mixing, cures quickly and foams out to form filleted joints.



         Finished                       Nearly there                                        not started

Building TIP
Shaping balsa Leading Edge.
1. Sand level with wing skins
2. Spray a little coloured paint on the front.
Sand with the paper at 45 degrees, so that the edges wiill not dig a groove.
One hand each side, pulling the paper around the leading edge
3. The paint will show exactly when the balsa reaches the finished shape.

 More details on 'Mick's Chat' page.

Pilots; cloth bodies, cast heads & hands prepainted ready to fly.

Pilotes ; corps en tissu, têtes et mains moulées, prépeints et prêts à voler.

Piloten; Stoffkörper, gegossene Köpfe und Hände, flugfertig lackiert.

1/4.5 for our Hurricane
16" tall 130g
Harry Hurri £85

1/4 for our RF4 17" tall 130g
Civilian Ray £80


1/4 scale for our spitfire 17" tall 200g
43cm gross

1/4 scale WW1 17" 180g

1/4 1930's style 17" 200g
Tiger Terry

1/4 WW1 17" 200g
Major Bloater


1/3.5 WW1 for our Strutter 20" tall 300g
Adiran £99

1/3.5 WW1 for our Strutter
20" 300g Cpt Blotto £99


1/3 WW1 23" tall 350g
for Pup or Camel

58cm groß

. . .

1/3 1930's style with zip jacket.......... or green flight suit......1/3 scale Louis Bleriot in leather coat.
Stil der 1930er Jahre mit Jacke mit Reißverschluss...oder grüner Fluganzug...1/3 Louis Bleriot im Ledermantel.

Irish Tin Whistles

Low D tuning £89

One piece aluminium
polished or matt finish
in line finger holes
or offset for easy playing.
All hand made by me.


Two pack Epoxy paint in authentic colours.


Approximate coverage is 11 sq ft.
Sorry we can not send any paint outside the UK.

  Roundel Blue

                                         Med Sea Grey 
     Dark sea Grey

    RAF Dark Green

  Roundel Red
    PC10 Brown
                                           PC 12 Brown
                                        RAF Dark Earth

NOTE. The colours look very dark on the screen, but are correct, see photos of my model.

For Spitfires
Use Dark Green and Dark Sea Grey for top. Medium Sea Grey for bottom.
Sky for band at the rear. Yellow for leading edge and roundel outer ring. Blue and white for roundels.
The red will serve for the roundels, but needs added yellow to be fully authentic.
These colours are matched to existing Spitfire MH434 at Duxford.

For Sopwiths use PC10 for top surfaces, Linen Solartex for the bottom.
These are matched to samples from RAF museum at Hendon.
Red, white, and blue for roundels.

One good system for painting a model is to use gloss for the main colours. This gives good
adhesion for any decals to be used. Finally a clear coat in Gloss, Satin, or Matt to give an even
finish and protection for the decals.
MR EPOXY is best sprayed on. Normal precautions should be taken.
You don't want to breath the vapours, or get the paint on your skin.
The paint will need to be thinned for spraying, 20% to 40%.
Normal cellulose thinners is OK, and different grades are available from motor factors.