'Ah yes. I remember it well'.

                                            Established in 1972....

Models designed by
Three times World Champion.
Control line scale F4B, 1970 (ZLIN). International scale F4C, 1978 (Fournier). Large scale F4X, 1996 (Sopwith Strutter)
5 times Euro Champion. 21 times National Champion

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We are not just a shop selling others products, We have to spend all our time MAKING our kits
and developing new ones.
See our kits being built.  
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             Mick Models Motorbikes Music
We went to a model show in France.
     Just like all shows, the models took-off in
swarms and flew round and round.
They all started doing low passes with the model in
semi knife-edge, with the top side showing.
They called this an 'English Pass'.
Well, I've never heard of it, but I guess that in a
French pass, they would show their bottoms!

 The scale competition classes              

F4C.         The top class.
Stand off.    For those are not good at building.
Flying only. For those who can't build.

                   FAI international
F4C. the top class
F4G. for those who can't build light.
F4H. for those who can't build.
F4J. Team -For those who can't build,
with those who cant fly.

(I'm joking)

         The Christmas song.        

            Jack Frost roasting on an open fire.
            Grandad picking at his nose
            Auntie Carol getting drunk by the fire
            and blokes dressed up in women’s clothes.
            Everybody knows
            some whiskey and some tins of beer
            Will help to make the uncles fight
            and great grandma and old auntie Flo
            will both drop off to sleep alright
            We know the sales are on the way
            Mum loads the car with goodies,
            then Dad has to pay
            And every mother’s child is going to cry
            for the batteries we forgot to buy
            And so Im wishing you this simple phrase
            for kids from one to ninety three
            Now I'm drunk, with my eyes all aglaze
             Merry Christmas, to me!                                

My interests

Nature. Everything, as it is, or was.

Science. The study of nature and the search for the truth.
There are always deeper explanations to uncover.

I am passionate about Music in almost any genre.
I play by ear, anything that I ever remember from in my life.
I now have four organs and one keyboard.

I heared this comment. "Light models are no good in wind, they have no penitration."
By 'penitration', they mean 'airspeed'. So - light models have low airspeed?
Easy to solve - open the throttle and put in DOWNTRIM to hold it level!
High speeds are possible with light models.
My biplanes fly in all weathers, and even my Bleriot flew in 20 mph wind at the Nats.
Results from the 2012 World Scale Championships in Spain.
Since there has been no full magazine reports, here are the British team placings.
10th. Mick Reeves. Sopwith Strutter
13th Mick Henderson. DH 9a
15th Dave Knott. Hurricane
The team placed 5th.

Building an accurate scale model is not   'as THOSE aircraft WERE',

but    'as THAT aircraft WAS',  or better    'as THAT aircraft IS'.

Click boxes for other pages
1. WW 1 & early aircraft

Camel. 1/3, 1/4                       Pup. 1/3, 1/4       Strutter. 1/3, 1/3.6, 1/4.2      Bleriot. 1/3, 1/4             Bristol. 1/3       Rigging, Wheels. Guns. Cowls.
2. WW 2 Aircraft         


Spitfires,                                                                                  Hurricane.                 Mosquito.
4. Other Kits                         


Ganster 63
LITE.    Fournier RF4.    TIGER MOTH.    Tomboy                 IONA                                              1/3 and 1/4 scale.dummy engine
3. JETS                         


Venom.                          Javelin.                            Lightning.         Super Reaper.          Hunter (kit or ARTF)  
5. Micks chat                            
Ideas, opinions, advice, info.    
6. Nostalgia                     
Old Photos.      
8. Accessories                
Torquemaster. Bendy pipe. Retract Servo.Engine Mounts. Instruments. Tanks, Silencers. Silversolder. Small screws. Spinners. Test stand. Jet Ducts  
We can print the plans Camel, Pup, Strutter, and Bleriot
any size up to half scale.
1/2 scale.55. Smaller sizes pro rata. Freeflight sizes?
Ribs and formers can also be cut.



British team 2006
Kath & Pete McDermott, Dave Kerswell, Graham Kennedy, Gordon Warburton,
Mick & Sandie Reeves, Carrie Knott.
Dave Knott,

The modeller modelled!                                                        Kai retrieves my Camel at the Scottish nats.

Our team.  Mick (R & D)(Sandie says 'playing with his models!)
Sandie (International sales director, accounts, catering manager, dispatch), Jim (he makes most of the stuff)

Nice RAF photo. We have kits of all these

A nostalgic ride, June 2010. Moto Guzzi 500cc V twin.
(A big laser!)

1958 BSA Golden Flash. Now sold -400 lbs,
too heavyfor me to manhandle


BSA Bantam 175 sports. 1968. Sold . Too slow.

BSA C15 SS, 250cc. This should manage 80 MPH.
The weight - about 300 lbs.      I bought this as a wreck, Here rebuilt.
I enjoy riding it. handles well and sounds good.
But, top speed - 60 MPH or so. not good enough.

I have now added this Virago 250 V twin. 5 speed, electric start.
good accelleration, reaches 80 mph easily, can do 85 MPG.
I have lowered the bars, and will move the footrests back to a
sensible position. And raise the seat.


Three generations.   Jim, Mick, and Kai.   Nats 2010               (photo Alex Whittaker)


Richard Feynman

Indeed a fine man. A brilliant mathamatician and physicist, leader of the
Manhatton Project at a young age and inovator in many fields, he was
also a modest man, without pretensions and always full of fun and jokes.
Look him up on youtube or google and enjoy. I have bought four books about him!